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Celebrate The Culture


On behalf of the Portland Hip Hop Team, we wanted to notify artists, DJs, graffiti artist and general PDX Hip Hop Day supporters that the platform for Hip Hop Day has been changed to allow the Hip Hop Community to take initiative in elevating this historical movement in Portland.

What does this mean? After a "Meeting of the Minds" that included various representation within the Portland Hip Hop Community, it was decided that Hip Hop Day would be expanded into a week celebration starting annually from August 20-26, it would also open the opportunities for artists to put on their own events in celebration.  This would also eliminate the sense that there are gatekeepers, or certain groups within hip hop that were being excluded, etc.  

Much like a typical holiday, everyone has the freedom to celebrate Hip Hop in a way that they like. However, in order to be a sanctioned Portland Hip Hop Day event, you must meet and submit the following criteria:

Sanction Criteria

1. Must honor and recognize someone who has contributed to the positive growth and uplifting of the Portland Hip Hop Culture. (Tangible Award, not a shout out).

2. Must promote Love & Respect for the Culture.

3. If its a paid entry event, some portion of the proceeds should be designated for a non-profit or a youth organization that supports the hip hop culture.

4. Must be a safe event.

*All submissions for sanctioned events must be submitted by August 1, 2019, to

Sanctioned events will get promo support on our official website as well as promo support from and iheart radio website.

We are excited to watch the growth of Hip Hop in this region, and for the state to recognize the value of the Hip Hop voice.

Good Luck.

Volunteers & Sponsors

Portland Hip Hop Day has been a labor of love from the community and businesses that support the mission of the culture.

If you are interested in volunteering or partnering as a sponsor, please email  and submit your info.